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Birth Injury

Birth injury may or may not be identified straight away. You may be the first to notice that something isn’t right. It is important to understand that physical birth injuries may require you to seek expert medical advice and assessment. We are here to provide women with emotional support at this time.


Birth Trauma

Childbirth and the delivery of a baby is a positive event for many women, but for some it can be a mixed experience or even very negative, resulting in trauma with lasting impacts on their lives. We are here to help women and their partners who are struggling with ongoing problems related to the birthing experience. We offer 3 step rewind therapy.



Miscarriage, stillbirth, termination of a pregnancy and a neonatal death can all have devastating effects on our lives. We can help you move forward with therapeutic support. Miscarriage, Stillbirth, Termination of a pregnancy and a Neonatal death can all have devastating effects on our lives. We can help you move forward with therapeutic support.


Perinatal Anxiety

Many women experience anxiety specifically related to pregnancy or have specific concerns around childbirth. We can support you throughout your pregnancy, providing coping strategies and help you with birth planning.


Fertility Journeys

Whilst the support provided by Fertility centres is often first class, couples have reported a gap in emotional support specifically related to their experiences once they become pregnant. We aim to bridge that gap and support you through your pregnancy.


Historical Pregnancy Loss

Historically, pregnancy and baby loss were not discussed as openly as it is today leaving couples with unresolved grief. Difficult births would also not be acknowledged as something to discuss. Talking heals. If you wish to talk through and begin to process your experiences, please get in touch.



From the moment a positive pregnancy test is realised we start to plan our futures and our baby's future. To then discover the pregnancy has suddenly ended can be emotionally and physically draining. Every pregnancy matters and we can support you.


Birth Partners

We have identified the affect that all of these conditions are having on many birth partners. We would like to provide you with that private space to work through your own thoughts and give you the time you deserve to reflect on your parenting journey.


NHS Professionals

We recognise that professionals and students are affected by being exposed to trauma in the workplace. We help to identify how this affects them personally and provide strategies for wellbeing.


Group Partner Sessions

Group sessions for partners coming very soon.

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